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Fishing in Northern Minnesota

DCO Peter Keyes - Resume

11/20/2014 6:04:25 PM
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My Outreach Blog Overview - BOLD Outreach

I enjoy reading books on Christian Outreach and have continued to invest in reaching rural communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am writing a blog on Christian outreach titled BOLD Outreach. It is found at It is a collection of thoughts and reflections on various scriptural themes that specifically relate to God's desire for all people to receive the gift of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

The primary thread is called - Reflections from the Book of the Psalms. My purpose in writing this is to bring hope and encouragement to you as you share your faith with your friends and other people in your community. The reflections in this blog highlight specific promises that relate to the salvation of those who call on the LORD for help. I focus on God's promises to heal broken hearts and to bring redemption to sinful people. I try to put myself into the shoes or sandals of those who recorded God's Word in the Psalms and then connect those promises to their fulfillment in Jesus Christ. These promises are timeless and continue to be fulfilled in the lives of people today as the Holy Spirit turns unbelievers to faith in Christ.

Another thread is called "Good Questions". This is a reflection on the questions that Jesus used to draw people into conversations concerning His heavenly kingdom.

I have placed a sample of the articles on this website. To see more follow the link to

Comments and reflections may be sent to You may also post them on the blog or on this site. I pray that God will use this blog to encourage you in your walk with Him and fill you with peace and joy this day. 

Sunrise at the Outdoor Chapel, Lutheran Island Camp, Henning, MN

BOLD Outreach Blog
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